I Am Ashley

Welcome to my blog.

I’ve spent most of my life locked in an embrace with the stage and have recently developed a filthy affair with photography.  I got the phrase, “fairy princes and noble natures”, from the George Bernard Shaw play, Arms and the Man.  Several years ago, I got called in to audition for the ingenue role in the show and was immediately panicked as I rarely audition for young, hopeful nothings.  She is described by another character this way, “She, rich, young, beautiful, with her imagination full of fairy princes and noble natures and cavalry charges and goodness knows what!”  There was no amount of acting in the world that would have squeezed me into that role, but I committed to it wholly.  I dove deep, past the bitter, down to the sweet.
That is my intent with photography - to commit to what may not feel natural, real, or possible.  To be hopeful, and experiment with abandon.