Dec 8, 2011

criminal couture: forbidden fashion

i covered the ingenious and inspired collection of criminal couture at the bootleg theatre, one of my favorite venues to shoot theatre, music, fashion, and beautiful people.  all designs were made from stolen, recycled, and found materials.

by Ann Closs-Farley Materials: re-purposed vintage dress, tissue paper, hot glue.

by Dian Camarillo Materials: found fabric, thread and 99¢ Only Store icicle ornaments

by Steve Roche Materials: found x-men comic books, lamination, thread
by Angela Wood Materials: Astroturf, wire, feathers, thread, gift ribbon

by Sybil Moseley Materials: Dress, Bonnet & Boots made from an automobile cover, thread, plastic dove

by Lake Sharp Materials: Made entirely out of palm fronds with the help of two bags of hot glue sticks, 32 yards of ribbon, 6 cans of spray paint, one old t-shirt and one old slip. 

by Ann Closs-Farley Materials: Camo netting, thread and gold spray paint

Dress by Kate Robertson Materials: handcut paper snowflakes laminated, thread

by Steve Roche Materials: inflated bicycle inner tubes, glue

By Gary Andrews Materials: stretch spandex, embroidery hoops, thread. Hat is half a disco ball with tulle

performer abby travis

performer abby travis


  1. Nice, Ashley. We've got 3 more performances left. Th,F,S Doors @7pm.
    $20 $15 Student/ Senior. More info:

  2. fantastic, howard, break a leg!